Wednesday, March 19, 2014

His Royal Amazingness

Slightly upset that his new siblings are trying to hijack HIS blog, Ray decided that he would step it up to get things back on track. 

He did his funniest impression of a butler offering hors d'oeuvres (this was Sunday)...

He posed with his sister, out-cuting her with an over-the-butt glance…

He posed with his brother, drawing all eyes to himself by using a stunning red bathrobe as a backdrop...
He did his best impression of the flying nun…if she was one to dig holes and bury bones


He showed off his amazingness, exploring the lake after the latest snow (this was Tuesday)…
…with his cape flying behind him like a superhero...

…sending positive thoughts to blind dogs all over the world.


  1. Oh Ray - don't worry - those kitties have nothing on you! (Although you do have to admit they are cute and highly entertaining at times!)

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Ray the Super Blind Dog! Wait...that's not right...It's Ray, the Super Duper Handsome Blind Dog! That sounds better. I especially love that first picture - he has that box completely level! That would be a real crowd pleaser for the next party you throw. :)

    1. Yes and the tray he would carry would be just as empty. Ray does like party food!

  2. Sorry, kitties, there's just no out-cuting Ray...

  3. I love me some kitties, but His Royal Hiney is pretty amazing!