Wednesday, July 30, 2014

….and giving

Ray was back at it.
Gregg and I were in the kitchen. Ray, who had unearthed his major award yet again, was trying to bring it into the house.  Gregg and I were taking turns grabbing Ray's collar as he came through the dog door and turning him right around and leading him back out through the kitchen door. We were then obliged to chase him into the backyard (just for fun). After many, many, many turnarounds, Ray gave up and left his pancakes next to the fence separating our yard from the pugs'. Yelling ensued.
Gregg stuck his head out the kitchen door.
"Ray, quiet!" he commanded
More yelling.
"Hey Ray! Quiet!" Gregg was a little more forceful this time.
More yelling.
Gregg went outside, to talk to the dog and explain why yelling never solved anything. Ray became quiet.
Gregg came back in.
"I think Dory is trying to steal his pancakes," said Gregg.
More yelling.
We heard Chris, our next door neighbor, calling to Dory.
"Dory, stop teasing Ray!" he said.
More yelling. Ray was just as intent on teasing his neighbor as she was determined to get his pancakes.
Dory was removed from the scene. Ray, not trusting his neighbor in the least, picked up his prize and once again tried to bring it into the house. As he came through the door, Gregg grabbed the earthy little box, tossed it onto the patio, and slid the dog door shut.
Twice during the evening, Ray wanted to go outside. I watched as he checked on his pancakes, turned around, and came right back inside. This morning, he did the same thing. The pancakes had made it through the night safely. Satisfied, Ray retired to the couch.


  1. I bet Dory was trying to explain to Ray that he shouldn't play with his food and that pancakes were for eating and he just kept telling her, "NOOO, NOOOO, NOOO". Hehehehe - I bet the people at the Wet Noses company that made those treats would love to see how Ray is making them last. ;)

  2. This is just becoming fascinating; can't wait to see how long it goes on...