Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The onset of hot, hot, HUMID weather always creates a problem: one bored, blind dog. So I went to my friend, Mirella, who used to own the doggy daycare, and asked her if she could recommend some brain-games for Ray. He loves his treat-ball and uses it everyday, but I wanted something else to stimulate his mind during the summer doldrums. The fact of the matter is, doggy brain-games tend to be expensive and it's hard to know if Ray could do them, and if he would use them more than once.

"I have one I could lend you," said Mirella when I asked her about it, "You could try it with Ray and see if he likes it."
I thankfully accepted, and this week Mirella dropped by with Dog Domino, a board game for the bored dog.

As with the treat-ball, it took Ray a while to figure out what to do. With the treat-ball, Ray's initial inclination was to just stand next to it and try to get his teeth around it. As he interacted with the ball, every time he accidentally pushed it, I said "Good boy!" It didn't take long before Ray was shoving it all over the house and reaping the rewards.

With this game, it was the same. Ray's tendency to get his teeth on it was not encouraged but every time Ray used a paw he received verbal approval.

I think he had fun but it's hard to tell. He has such a poker face.


  1. Technical Note: The video didn't show full width in Chrome so I couldn't get rid o'the pesky advert but right-clicking on the video let me grab the YouTube URL :0)

  2. He is almost as smart as his cousin Hannah. Smart dog.

    1. hahahahahahahahaha. You should get one for Louise. I think her food motivation would make her a genius.

  3. I love seeing his ears sway back and forth!

    I think he liked it!

    I wonder what Blueberry would do with something like that...I'm going to have to try and find her something this weekend. We haven't been able to go out this week and I can tell she's bored.

  4. I love seeing how "normal" and smart other blind dogs are. Good boy Ray!