Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comprehension 101

"Ray, today I'm going to wash the dog throws," I said to the tall dog standing next to me.
I was looking at the fleece throw covering Ray's spot on the couch. The massive amounts of dog hair on it made it look more white than brown, its original color.

Every time I walked past the couch, I thought of washing the dog throw, but despite my good intentions, by late afternoon, the dog wash remained undone. Without thinking too hard about it, I decided that it could wait until the following day.

Ray, however, had a different perspective. Having been promised a clean bed, he was absolutely outraged when I failed to deliver on my promise. I found him curled up on the recliner that Harvey has claimed as one of his (many) spots.

Ray has not been on the recliner in almost three years, and I find it totally unbelievable that his occupation of it was just a coincidence. Which brings me to this conclusion. Now that Ray has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he comprehends EVERY SINGLE WORD that comes out of my mouth, I'm going to have to be much more careful about what I say around him. And, more to the point, I'm going to expect him to come when I call him instead of just looking at me like I'm an alien species speaking intergalactic gibberish.

You're imagining things. I always sleep here.


  1. I wish that would work with Blueberry on wash day when I tell her I need to take the bed apart to wash the sheets. She usually just curls up into a tighter ball to prevent me from making a move. I have to do a fake out and act like I am going to the magical cold box in the kitchen to get her to jump off the bed; then I run back to the bedroom and get to work.

    It's really kind of eerie the way Ray understands you...

  2. I think dogs (and cats) are like some husbands and children, they have selective hearing.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the blind dogs are maybe just a wee bit smarter. Personal experience tends to make me think that it is possible.

  4. Uh, oh, Ray might have messed up - he can't play dumb anymore...