Tuesday, November 11, 2014

They always know…(part 2: cat edition)

Today was vet appointment day; both the cats were due their vaccines and Ray needed to have blood drawn to get his liver value rechecked. Since Gregg had the day off, I had made appointments for all three at once. I figured, between the two of us we could handle it.
The appointment was for 11:00. Both of the cats had headed outside as soon as the dog door was opened but I wasn't too concerned, Juno is almost always close by and Harvey usually comes home for a mid-morning nap. If not, he will (usually) come when called.
At 10:30 when Gregg and I got home from walking Ray, neither cat was to be found. We started calling. And we called. And called. And called.
At 10:50 I said to Gregg, "You take Ray to the vet. I'll stay around and see if I can find the cats. I know that they have us booked until 11:45 so if I find them before that, I'll stuff them in the carriers and come along."
Gregg agreed, packed the hound in his car, and off he went. I returned outside and shook the treat can, walked up and down the sidewalk, peered over fences, and called, and called, and called.
At 11:30 Gregg called me.
"They've taken Ray to the back to draw his blood, are you coming?" he asked.
"No cats," I replied, "You'll have to reschedule. Just pick a day and get the first appointment of the morning. I won't let them out of the house; I'll just bring them right to the vet."
Gregg agreed. I headed outside to rake leaves. By the time he got home, Juno was here…
Heh heh heh
They always know. I should know better than to believe they would hang around on a vet appointment day.


  1. Oh thank goodness i am not the only one outsmarted by cats!! They do! They ALWAYS know. Even if you don't get the carriers out, even if you call to make the appt. from work.....they ALWAYS know.
    Awww....doesn't Juno look comfy and oh so accessible, (now) Gotta love the sneaky little critters.