Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a Quick One

I took Ray for a quick 2 mile walk this morning before checking my email to see if I needed to go to work. When I pulled myself up to my desk, I whacked the crap out of my knee. As I sat rubbing my knee and moaning (are there funny bones in the knee? That's what it felt like), Ray, who was in the office behind my chair, looked very concerned, then flopped over and offered me his belly to rub. I'm sure he was thinking that it makes HIM feel better so it would probably do the same for me. He was right. I rubbed his belly and felt better. Who knew?

I dropped Ray at daycare. I brought along his toy, the big ball that has a rope running through the middle with knots tied at both ends. Ray doesn't play with this at daycare, (Well, he can't see it, and the other dogs won't put it in his mouth like we do when we play tug-o-war) but the other dogs love it, so every once in awhile, when I think of it, I bring it along. A black lab-mix put his paws on the low wall to see me better so I gave him the ball. He gladly grabbed it and ran off, followed closely by a pack of dogs. In no time at all, there were five of them hanging onto a piece of the rope. The rope isn't very long so all the dogs were clustered together. It looked a big, furry starfish spinning across the floor.
"I wonder if they think they're winning," said Donny.

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