Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not Dead, Just Sleeping

Ray is always a bit worn out after the dogpark. He likes to go outside and take a nap in the sun even though it's only 45 degrees. I check on him constantly to make sure he's still breathing. Sometimes it's really hard to tell.

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  1. Ray, you're too funny. I just finished watching his day park videos and as I'm alone...I died laughing once I realized it was Ray howling. I LAUGHED SO HARD MY SIDES HURT! We had a black and tan coonhound when we were children and those memories came flashing back. Jean - hearing you laugh reminded me of fun times we had. Seeing Ray run and run and run made me smile. I can imangine a reality TV show is what is needed. Of course Ray would be the star. I can see it now, him wearing a cloak and a hat. kind of like the Pink Panther wore. Then as I saw Ray having fun with the "regulars" at the dog park made me remember that my black lab was banned from our dog park for he would raise his leg at womens legs and let loose with a stream of pee. The women would say that's no problem...he is just telling me that he likes me. Hey Lady - you have a screw loose to say this is ok, for he was kicked out of the dog park never to return again. Now he is 12 years old and has a problem lifting that leg!