Monday, March 1, 2010

Ray the Stalker

This weekend was somewhat nice. At least, the sun was out. So Ray and I took off for a quick trip to the dog park. Ray did his usual; made a quick scan of all the dogs, picked out the one he liked, and hounded the CRAP out of the dog for the entire time we were there. Usually, if it's a big dog, he follows it around, yells at it, and if he can get close enough, tries to get his mouth on it. If it's a little dog, he yells at it, tries to hit it with his paws, and tries to get his mouth on it. He doesn't want to hurt it, he just REALLY wants to play with it.
This weekend was Simon's turn. Simon, a Jack Russell Terrier was too smart for Ray, though. Usually the little dogs head for their owners and hide between their feet (Ray is not fooled). Simon would scamper away, lose Ray, then come back to his owner while Ray tossed around trying to find his potential friend. When Ray would pick up the scent, Simon would do the same thing again. He would watch Ray get closer and closer then take off just as Ray would find him, lead him off then come back again. Usually I stick around and make sure Ray doesn't bother the dogs too much but I figured Simon could take care of himself so I wandered off.
I made the rounds of people I know then started to head back towards Simon's owner. When I got close, I heard someone ask her, "What's up with that dog?" "Oh that's Simon's stalker," she replied.
Simon's owner heard me laugh and said to me. "I think Ray is looking for a Mini-Me." I looked at Simon and realized that she was probably right. Ray had found his Mini-Me.
Ray and Mini-Me

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  1. Ray does that at daycare all the time! He is so silly! :)