Monday, March 22, 2010

Ray, Party Animal

Ray slept too much yesterday. Saturday night we had a party. The weather has been gorgeous (up until today) and so we had a party outdoors. Ray was terribly excited to meet everyone and was more than a little interested in the table of food but as soon as I gave him a frozen marrow bone, nothing else existed. There was even another dog there but Ray was in the zone working that bone. He was good for at least 2 hours. As soon as that bone was finished Ray headed for the food. That's when I had to put him in the house. Ray scratched at the sliding glass door for a good long time trying to dig his way back to the food table but to no avail. Every time someone would enter the house to use the facilities, Ray was beside himself with excitement thinking maybe there was an escape route back to the food (there wasn't).
On Sunday Ray woke us up at 7:30 raring to go. We dragged ourselves out of bed, ate breakfast and took him to the dog park to wear him out. I couldn't understand where his energy was coming from. Usually when Ray's schedule is messed with, he's tired the next day, but Ray was into everything for the hour before we took him to the park. But by the time we got home, Ray was out and slept all day.
Today, I'm paying for it.

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