Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Compliment

This evening my lovely husband and I were having cocktails with the couple across the street. That would be Sandra (who owns Maddie, the Cocker Spaniel) and her hubbie, Dick. We were on their screened-in porch drinking Margaritas and chatting. Ray was passed out on the deck. Maddie was trying to cadge food from Dick. We were all having a good time.
When we got ready to leave, Dick called Ray over for a goodbye. As usual, Ray went up to give Dick a kiss on the ear. And as usual, Dick said to me "You've done a good job with him."
Makes me glow every time.


  1. I know what you mean, it always makes me feel like we did a good job when people have to ask which one is the blind one....

  2. Isn't that great?
    I'm always slightly peeved when people say "Poor dog!" after meeting Ray. I think it's because I feel like they believe that I should have had him put down. As if there is something wrong with him.
    I always feel more disposed to like people when they take Ray's blindness in stride.

  3. responding to am I a grown up now?

    AARRGH!!! Why do people say things like that??? Would they say the same thing about a human? (I am beating my head against the table) The glow, Jean is what all parents feel when someone compliments there 'child' human,dog or other. Hugs