Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's all Swim Home.

We were starting out for a 2+ miler. We had only gotten about a block away when I saw a white blur out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and saw Lexie following us, a little, mixed-breed, ankle-biter that lives in the house on the corner. Usually she's a yapping ball of fury and literally bites Ray's ankles. He is terrified of her.
I glanced down the block at Lexie's house and saw that the gate was open. I bent down and called to her. Lexie un-agressively trotted up and allowed me to gently scoop her up onto one arm. She was shivering. Ray stood docily at the end of his leash, oblivious that his nemesis was nearby.
We turned back down the street, and walked face-first into the cold wind. Still shivering with her little white ears flapping out behind her from the brisk breeze, Lexie started doing the mid-air dog paddle. She paddled herself all the way home.
Huh, I thought to myself, never seen that before.

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