Monday, October 3, 2011

Pigpen and Mr. Clean, Together Again

I have concluded that it is just as difficult to train an adult male to leave his bathroom door closed as it is to train a blind hounddog to stay out of a trashcan that contains interesting medical waste.
After spending the last week or two dragging Ray's head out of Gregg's bathroom trashcan and telling him to "STAY OUT OF THE TRASH" (and removing shoes from his mouth), I decided that a new, covered trashcan was in order and that Ray needed serious off-leash exercise with his old friend, Murphy. (The dogpark is too muddy from all the rain.)
I called Rachel. After a brief conversation and some emails it was agreed that on Sunday afternoon, she and Josh would take Marvelous Marva out for lunch, pick up Ray afterwards, and take him home with them. Ray could play with Murphy for a couple of hours while I shopped and ran errands, and then I would drive out to their house to pick him up (it's about an hour away).
All went as planned. Ray was at the door and attempting to dig his way out before his old friends even had a chance to knock. He went off with them, tail wagging wildly, without a backward glance. I went to pick him up three hours later; he and Murphy were still having a good time.
We miss Murphy (and Josh and Rachel). Although not so much the mud she drags around in her hula skirt.
Gonna get ya!

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  1. I will laugh for along time just thinking about the first sentence of your post.....Glad Pigpen and Ray had some time together. Where does she live?