Friday, October 14, 2011


The football team of our local high school, which is about half a mile from our house, has been in a slump. Last night they scored a touchdown (and won the game). I know this because when Ray ran out of the house and to the fence, yelling, I followed him outside and could hear the crowd cheering and the announcer call "TOUCHDOWN!" The band was playing. Ray was dancing along the fence, going crazy along with the crowd.
I retrieved my hound, brought him inside, locked the dog door so that Ray couldn't get back out, and went upstairs to brush my teeth.
Ray stayed downstairs and yelled. And yelled. And yelled. He came upstairs to yell some more.
I finished brushing my teeth and washed my face. Ray was still yelling.
My dog always surprises me. I had absolutely NO idea that he was such a football fan.


  1. Since my son played for for the Rams it was great they won. Ray keep on cheering!!!

  2. Hey Hey make that play,
    Win the day,
    Get a cheer from Ray!
    GO Team!!
    (you now need to make Ray a little cheerleader outfit and walk him to the games!! He would have a blast!!)

  3. How funny! Ray would LOVE to go to the games but only if people would stop to pet him. And except for the fact that they are at night and he is always in bed by 7. Otherwise, he would be there for SURE.
    I wonder if they need a mascot?

  4. You would have to make him a Ram outfit to be the mascot. the fans would love it!!

  5. Yeah take him to the game dressed up. He needs to do something at night besides sleep.

  6. btw, how is Gregg doing? Ray is still cheering him on too I hope.