Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remember when...

When Gregg and I lived in Thailand, we had a cat that we brought with us. The very first time she walked out onto the balcony that was attached to our bedroom, a lizard dropped onto her head. For the next two years, every time she walked out onto the balcony, our cat, Ruhe, would look up the minute she set a paw out that door to see if another lizard was going to hit her in the head. So I know that cats never forget anything.
Ray has shown me that dogs have similar memories. Every time we stop at a random person's house to chat (usually they initiate a conversation about my nice looking dog), Ray remembers the house. And every time we pass the house when we walk that same route, Ray's tail will start to wag when we approach the house and, if no one is outside, he will try to stall when we get there to see if someone will come out. He remembers that there is a nice person that lives in that house, someone who will pet him, or talk to him, or give him a bellyrub. We may have stopped there only once in the two years that Ray has been with us, but Ray remembers. It's amazing, really. Ray has a memory like a cat.


  1. Funny, I was just thinking about this phenomenon myself. We had to give Josey hydrogen peroxide a couple of times in her puppyhood to make her vomit up stuff she was not supposed to eat(another story), and to this day, at least 8 years later, she tenses up every time I go into the bathroom cabinet, and if, god forbid, the brown bottle comes out for any reason, she's off like a shot, into hiding under a bed or outside. And they say elephants never forget...

  2. Its a shame they are not so good at remembering the stuff we DON'T want them to do.......and there are many examples of that....selective memory methinks !