Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Nothing is happening. Ray is trying to be on his best behavior because Christmas is coming.
I'm sure the following acts have been scribbled in Santa's notebook.

On the Good side:
  • We got caught in a downpour while walking around a different lake than our usual, and at the end of the walk, while I dried Ray off with multiple towels, he tried to lick my fleecey sweatshirt dry with his tongue. (Santa likes helpful dogs)
  • While we were walking around the block, Ray found a big, half-empty bag of Candy Corn, picked it up in his teeth and carried it awhile then dropped it in front of someone else's house. (Santa likes dogs that share)
  • Ray took a shine to a Basset Hound puppy at the dog park. The little dog's ears were so long that he kept tripping over them and had so much extra skin that he could have fit a dog of Ray's size into it. (Santa likes kind dogs)
    Ray with his friend the Basset puppy and the Basset's sister puppy, a Labrador Retriever
On the demerit side:
  • Ray continues his fascination with shoes
  • Ray starts whining at 2:00 o'clock for his afternoon walk. (The time change and the early darkness has really screwed up his schedule)
  • Ray has been caught multiple times with his nose in my morning coffee
Good or Bad (depends on the interpretation):
  • Ray continues his efforts to 'woo' Hugo. Hugo considers this a bad thing. Ray's interpretation is slightly different


  1. Hmmm, lets see if we can help push the scale more in Rays direction to have fewer demerits.....
    Fascination with shoes...He wants to go to cobblering school to learn a trade and this is his way of home schooling to get a head start = initiative.
    Whining at 2:00 pm for his afternoon walk...he wants to be sure you have enough daylight to go farther thus enhancing your exercise potential for the day = caring for his protectors health.
    Nose in coffee..oooh, a tough one...he needs the caffine to then be able to keep up with you on the extended walks.
    Finally: As to Hugo....Hey a hound dog has gotta try, right?? He is still waiting for that good long sniff of THAT kitty cat.

    Ray, dont worry, I think Santa has moved you from the "Iffy" list to a solid "Nice" slot. Rest easy.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahHA

    I think I like your take on Ray's behavior. I'm pretty sure if Ray can keep it up, Santa will give him the benefit of the doubt and bring him plenty of presents.

  3. Ray is no doubt on the Nice list. Let him know that he has a new puppy neighbor. Two down from Roxy there is a golden retriever pup. We haven't met her yet but looking forward to it.