Friday, December 9, 2011


It was a little after 7:30 in the morning. I was on the phone with my BFF discussing where and when we would meet for lunch. The part of my brain that listens for unusual noises heard one. I turned to look and saw my dog at the Christmas tree. His back feet were firmly planted, his neck outstretched. Between his jaws was a string of Christmas lights. He was pulling with all his might trying to get them off of the tree. I gave an outraged howl and pried his teeth from the string, silently thanking the powers that be that the lights weren't plugged in. Ray's teeth had flattened one of the light sockets and the little glass bulb had been ejected and was laying on the carpet.
The entire string of 100 lights was ruined.
Santa was not happy.


  1. ooh Ray, danger dog, exactly the reason we are not having a tree up this year....two little adventurous kittens would wreck it before I could even get it out of the box...oh and not forgetting my lovely family described it as mums sh**mas tree when I did last put it up (ok its white but I liked it) bah humbug !

  2. You might have to do what we did when my son was toddler: Decorate only the top half!

  3. After the cat knocked over our Christmas tree multiple times (when we were kids), my dad nailed the tree stand to the floor. Right through the carpet. Couldn't see the nails at all. Worked like a charm.

    After the first year when Ray ate a couple of the glass ornaments, we decorated the bottom of the tree with the "soft" ornaments and the top half with the more fragile things. His reach was a little bit longer than we thought and he still got a couple but overall it worked. I don't know what to do about the lights. I figure the first time he bites through a string when they are plugged in, the problem will go away. So I bought an extra box just for such an event.

  4. Dear Ray, Just when we had worked SO hard to get you off the 'iffy' list with Santa. This transgression has not totally tipped the balance toward 'naughty' but it did slide it a bit that way. You need to be a little more careful sweetie. Even if you cant see them (no pun intended) Santa has eyes watching you all the time, especially this time of year. And believe it or not you already light up your moms life, you dont have to plug yourself in to prove it.