Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Bliss

I realize I post a lot of photos of Ray sleeping, but truthfully he does move around quite a bit during the day. Here he is taking a Sunday morning nap previous to his Sunday morning walk (which takes place AFTER my second cup of coffee.) He was shivering, so I threw the blanket, that I use to keep dog hair off of the couch, on top of him. He wasn't laying on it anyway (sigh, why do I even bother). AND, YES, I DO KNOW MY DOG IS SPOILED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Ray's thought bubble, "I love Sundays."


  1. It seems that spoiling our dogs is such a small price to pay...they give us so much love and make us laugh unlike we have ever laughed before. Totally worth it!!!

  2. Ray, I agree with your thought bubble completely! I love a good lazy Sunday, glad you got one!!

  3. I've always said that after I die, I want to come back as one of your cats. Now I can add that I also would be happy to come back as one of your dogs!