Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Demerit, Demerit, Demerit, Demerit

1. Eating the Christmas ornaments on the lower half of the tree
2. Opening one of the Christmas presents that was meant for ME (from my sister, Kathy)
3. Trying to open one of the Christmas presents tagged for Gregg (it was too flat for him to get a good grip on)
4. Annoying the crap out of me by coming into my studio 10 times a day to BAMBAMBAM the closet door to get at his presents.

On the plus side, Ray made a crying baby smile by licking the bottom of the baby's feet...

I think that cancels out at least three of the above four demerits (he's really going to have to work to cancel out opening one of my Christmas presents)
Well, how was I supposed to know it was an ornament? I AM blind y'know.


  1. Oh Ray. I don't know what to say.
    I am glad you made the baby smile. Did you tickle the teeny tiny toes? That usually works.
    I wish you, your mom and dad and your kitty cats a wonderful Christmas. I know you are trying to make the tree look extra special with your 'reorganization' of the ornaments, but maybe that could be left to someone who can actually see where things are placed. Enjoy the holiday, family and friends. Hugs from Florida, Anne

  2. Hey Anne,
    Thanks for following the exploits of Ray over the last year or two. And thanks for all the funny comments. Have a great Christmas down in Florida. We hope you get lots of presents.
    Jean, Gregg, Ray, Moonie, and Hugo