Saturday, May 5, 2012

I feel fainnnnnnnnnt

Today we hit a new low. Gregg had to fetch the car so that he could come get Ray (and me).
Granted, it's a pretty warm day. And granted, I know that Ray doesn't do heat well. But, really, it's not THAT hot and it wasn't THAT long a walk.
We got about two and a half miles out when Ray started flopping in the shady spots. We were walking a loop so we only had about one more mile to go. Every time he flopped Gregg and I managed to get him going again after a few minutes but only for a few more minutes. So when Ray flopped in the middle of the street we were crossing, I knew we were in trouble. We managed to get him up and as far as the shady lawn on the other side of the street when Ray flopped for good. We stood around for a bit trying to talk him into going on, but Ray was comfortable (it did look really nice in the cool grass).
"Should I go get the car?" asked Greggie.
"I think that's probably a good idea," I replied, "Otherwise it's going to take us all day to get home."
Gregg jogged off.
I stood, waiting.
Ray remained, flopping.


  1. I think Ray is training you for the hotter summer months to come. He has done a good job so far ;) (although having worked at an Emergency Vet clinic for years an overheated animal is nothing to joke about or take lightly. If Ray, or other animal, gets over heated, grab the hose and get the tummy, head and feet first. Cool the head to protect the brain. Better safe than sorry and you will at least get a well rinsed off dog in the process)

  2. Steve (Halle's Grandpa)May 5, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Deb and Halle ran into Greg on his jaunt back to get the car - we both had a good laugh over this one, and figured it would make the blog

  3. I have carried a 40 lb dog home from several blocks away, and it ain't easy, so thank heavens there were two of you so one could go for the car, lol!

    1. I know! It was the only time I didn't have my phone with me. Usually when this happens (it happens often) I just sit down and wait him out. It can be a nice break depending on the place he picks to flop. Last week it was the the side of a little hill overlooking the lake. Quite pleasant.

  4. Rays way of stopping to "smell the roses", or 'enjoy the view'.