Monday, May 28, 2012

Fashion Police?

"You look like Indian Corn," said Gregg.
"What?" he exclaimed chagrined as I started laughing. "I mean that only in the best possible way."

I guess maybe I'll have to rethink these shorts. That's the second questionable 'compliment' I've received on this particular choice of summerwear.

Nobody's looking, are they?


  1. Replies
    1. I was just looking at the stats page and saw two views of this particular post. I knew it was you and was waiting for a comment. You didn't disappoint....

  2. I am getting too predictable...I went back to the start of the blog and am reading it all...keeping me highly entertained and some startlingly similar scenarios to events we have experienced with Conor...!

  3. I bought a pair just like that today. We can be twins!!!! (Be afraid... be very afraid!!!)

  4. They remind me of some madras shorts I used to have. Always thought I was cool and groovy when I wore them.
    ~Melinda from Texas

    1. I KNOW I'm always on the cutting edge of fashion. Just WAY ahead of my time.