Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What the....?

I was in the garage cleaning the cat boxes (again). Usually, when I do this, I leave the dog gate open so that Ray can follow me into the garage and do some supervised poking around. Most of the time he doesn't make it past the cat-carrier that we use to transport Moonie and Hugo to the vet. (Some mighty interesting smells must emanate from that crate.) Today, however, although the dog gate was open and Ray had followed me through it into the laundry room, he did not follow me into the garage.
I heard rummaging coming from behind me but didn't pay too much attention. Ray is always rummaging through something, but he's gotten to be such a good dog that I don't worry about it so much anymore. I finished up what I was doing and went back into the laundry room. No Ray.
I looked out past the dog gate into the dining room. There was a white thing on the carpet. I looked farther. Another white thing. Through the dining room, into the hall; every couple of feet another white thing.
Puzzled, I exited the laundry room, closed the dog gate behind me and went to investigate.
The white thing was a fabric softener dryer sheet. The next white thing was another one. And then another one.
I followed the trail of dryer sheets through the house. Ray had taken a stack of them (not the whole box) and carried them to where he could comfortably roll in them. But even though he had dropped a bunch as he walked, the taste of a whole stack must have been too much. He had left the rest of them, still neatly stacked, in the front hall.


  1. A very strange fetish indeed. Mind you we could have done with that spare stack of sweet smelling dryer sheets last night, we gave the dogs a lamb neck each to gnaw on as a meal substitute, and while it kept them quietly occupied for over an hour, (apart from the low growls emitted by Conor if he felt anyone might take his bone away)it also left them a bit on the smelly side, so they had to submit to an anti bacterial spray and rub down with a baby wipe before they were fit for human contact again !

    1. Ray has been a bit 'doggy' smelling since Murphy left. Must be the sheen of dog-spit left on his coat. And since I just gave him a bath last week, I don't want to give him another for a few weeks more. The dryer-sheet-roll would have been a good alternative. Give him that fresh 'outdoor scent' (like it says on the box) whatever that is. Maybe I'll just leave some dryer sheets on his chair, his futon, and his favorite pillow on his favorite couch.

  2. Sounds like a plan. For us the odour of raw lamb was especially pungent and rather nauseating, although I am positive they thought it was totally delightful.