Friday, August 31, 2012

Mirror Image


  1. Nice to see Moonie Pie eating with her big brother Ray. She is comfortable enough to eat with him and not in the cat room. Hugo, oh Hugo...Where were you at dinner time, hmmm?

  2. He cuts a fine figure don't he :0)

    Interesting that Ray is chowing @paw height, I thought advice was for taller animals to hoover @ something like knee height* to aid digestion?

    *Mutts only? Citation required :0z

    1. Well, I had heard something similar but decided to research the matter before investing in a raised bowl. Here is just one of the articles that I found that said exactly the opposite. And it isn't a question of digestion, it's a more serious case of bloat that I had heard mentioned. So here is the link to one of the articles that I had read