Friday, February 1, 2013


"Do you remember the sweater that you measured me for?" asked my neighbor Sandra, referencing a tape-measuring favor that I had done for her awhile back. "Well, Kappy finished knitting it and I got it in the mail today. She wants me to show it to you."
I invited Sandra over to show me the sweater that her daughter, Kappy, had knitted, then hung up the phone and returned to vacuuming up masses of dog hair. Despite the 25 degree weather, Ray has been shedding like a big dog.

I was on the stair landing when the knock came at the door. As I headed down, I called to Ray who was snoozing on our bed, "Hey, Ray! Sandra is here!"

There was no immediate reaction, but as Sandra and I started talking, we heard the THUMP-THUMP of Ray's feet landing on hardwood as he jumped down off of the bed.

"Try it on," exclaimed Sandra as I was admiring the happy-colored pullover. It looked like Kappy had produced a hot, fun summer party with her knitting needles. I slipped the sweater on over my head just as Ray padded down the last two stairs.

As soon as he reached the bottom, Ray went bonkers. Tail wagging wildly, he launched himself at my face, spun circles, tried to grab the sweater in his teeth, spun more circles, launched himself again.
Realizing immediately what was happening, I ripped off the sweater and threw it at Sandra, "Ray, it's ME!" I yelled at the dog.

Following the scent of his girlfriend, Ray launched himself at Sandra. She took the sweater and in a flash folded it, and held it tightly against her body. Ray was tossing around trying to find his girl.
"Kappy's not here, Ray." I said to the dog. "She's in California."

Ray wasn't convinced, his tail was still going a mile-a-minute, he was still tossing all over the place "looking" for his friend.
"She's not here, Ray," I repeated over and over.

Knowing a surefire way to lure his friend to his side, Ray flopped, exposing his belly for a bellyrub. Kappy always falls for the belly.

Both Sandra and I dropped to our knees to fuss over the confused, blind hound. As we gave him a good rubdown, I looked at Sandra over the prostrate dog and said "Well, at least if Kappy ever gets lost, we'll know how to find her."

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