Sunday, February 3, 2013

VIDEO ALERT: Ray the Blind Dog goes Hiking

A couple of weeks ago, Gregg and I took Ray to one of our favorite winter hiking trails. It's the same spot where I walked Ray off of a cliff. This time, I remembered to bring the video camera. Although it probably would have been a more exciting movie if Ray had gone over a cliff, Gregg was doing the driving so that didn't happen.
I like this video because it shows how well Ray manages to navigate when he has a good seeing-eye human with him.


  1. You would be hard pressed to know he does not see especially when he jumps over those logs, fantastic (love the ending too ;-) )

  2. A great video! As the proud person to three blind dogs, I still am amazed when I see other blind dogs navigating so well. With mine, I am just used to it and think nothing of it. Then I see a video like Ray's and I'm so impressed.

  3. Seemed to me Ray was having a great time whilst earning his keep by taking that cattle rancher for a scenic tour :0P His deftness is incredible (Ray that is)

  4. This is another perfect Ray video. Outakes are hysterical. Your laugh is infectious and clearly the voice of a happy mama.