Sunday, September 1, 2013


We were walking along the main drag through our neighborhood. Ray stopped for a sniff. We heard the slap slap slap of a runner's feet on the sidewalk opposite. I lifted my head to look at the woman runner who was setting a blistering pace. She was looking in our direction, a huge grin on her face as if she knew us. When she saw me look up, she waved.
I gave her a weak grin and a wave back then looked quickly away, wracking my brains trying to think if I'd met her before. Ray and I meet a lot of people, it's not unusual for me to not remember one or two (or more).
When the woman got even with us, I looked at her again. She was still looking at us with the huge grin on her face.
"Are you going to the dog swim* tomorrow?" she yelled across the street.
"Absolutely!" I yelled back to her.
"I'll see you there,"  she called out, "I LOVE your dog."
I gave her a real grin this time.
"Thanks!" I called after her as she ran on by.
I turned around to get my dog moving again. We just happened to be standing in front of the pool entrance. It must have been the association between the two and that's why she recognized us, I thought.
Or maybe it's because it's hard to miss Ray when he's at the pool. He does tend to be a bit noisy.

*Just before the neighborhood pool closes for the summer, they open it to patron's dogs for 30 minutes. Ray has been looking forward to this all summer. He pulls me to the pool every time we pass it.


  1. Fame is fleeting, isn't it? :)

    We read the posts on the loss of your two cats. Very sad. Sorry for both losses.

    Dang blast it! When we tried to leave this comment, we got word verification which we can't read. Neither can many others. Please, please turn it off.

    1. Ok. It's done. We'll see how it goes.
      Thanks for reading and the sympathy.

  2. Hi Ray! Have fun at the you think Niki can come and play too?!

    1. Now THAT would be something to see. A horse among the pups!

  3. Swimming in a big pool might be fun...not sure though. We'll stick with the creek out the back of the barn and of course, the ocean!

  4. Wow - that's pretty neat that they let the dogs swim in there! I bet Ray is a champion at "Marco-Polo"!! ;)

  5. You could sell his autographs for a rawhide apiece. He'd be in heaven.

  6. That was ME! And I really do love Ray. And Piper, our dog, will vote for him - if not for Guv, then at least for best CSC Doggie Swim Soundtrack.