Sunday, October 20, 2013

Parents away... Campaigning stills moves forward

My name is Bryan, I am Ray's Campaign manager / security detail while his folks are out of town. I wanted to hop on here and give you an update on how the campaign is going. So far we have spent about 7 days together and I have tried to make them as productive as possible. Over the past week Ray and I have walked around a few lakes, we have made a few visits to the dog park, and we even met a few new friends. This week he won over the votes of Shayna (Golden Retriever), Harry (Wheaten Terrier), Suzuki (Shih Tzu), Sonny (Rottweiler Mix), and Delilah (Pit bull Mix). After walking around with Ray and hearing that charming howl of his, they all immediately gave their support to the candidate. We have been campaigning in Alexandria, Arlington, Burke, and Fairfax; with much success! It seems the candidate wins over the hearts and minds of everyone he meets. It has been a great week but we still have much to do before the parents return!!!

Pictures from the week:

 Isaac and Ray
Ray, Sonny, Harry, and Delilah
Shayna and Ray
Ray even won over this snake and was guaranteed the snake's vote
Ray with Harry do a little roadside Campaigning


  1. Well it is about time you posted something about your week with Ray. I am sure everyone has been wondering how the blind dog has been getting along with out his parents. It sounds like you have been doing a good job and Ray has been having fun. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome to know that Ray is gaining votes and managing to have a great time with new pals all at once. His parents are having a great vacation and have already skyped with Ray once, although Ray looked totally nonplussed at hearing they were missing him, (well Jean was) and he looked over Bryans shoulder with a face that said he just preferred to hang out with his new buddy and they need not rush back. Jean really wanted to bring back a donkey from the sanctuary we visited but sadly Gregg said Ray already took up enough space, and when he heard the loud braying they did he said he thought the neighbours would not be too happy with Rays howling and the donkey heeehaaawing ! Anyway, thanks for the update Bryan, it is definitely up to the standard the followers have come to expect !

  3. Very nice job, Bryan! Vacation is always better when your dog is in good hands.

  4. Thank you for the update Bryan! Ray sounds like he's having a good time and glad to know his campaigning is going so well! Good job on getting the snake vote. ;)

  5. Hi Bryan! So glad that Ray is doing well and you are keeping up with everything. If you ever get to Canada, we could use a blind dog sitter sometimes. Could you handle three blind and four sighted?! Say hi to Ray for us.

  6. Sounds like you are giving Ray a wonderful time while gathering up some votes for him. He's got my support for sure.