Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Perfect Fit

The campaign manager's last job was completed late last night. She is now ready for her trip abroad to visit Ray's Number One Fans in England

Knowing that it would be much easier for Ray to stay in familiar surroundings while we are away, we decided to get a dog sitter. After much searching, we hired a professional from Pooch Pals, LLC, to come in and take care of Ray and guard the house. Bryan, a former Marine and a current student, is co-owner of Pooch Pals, LLC, and very well-suited to be a general factotum and bodyguard for the current candidate for Governor of Virginia. 
Ray actually did the choosing. From the moment Bryan walked through the door, Ray was doing his dance of pure joy. It took him at least 10 minutes to calm down enough for Bryan to get past the front hall and into a chair. While Ray continued to try to lick Bryan's face, I gave Bryan the third degree, gave him a briefing on How to Tend to Blind Dogs, and then tried to rattle him by telling him that all the neighbors would be keeping an eye on him because everyone knows Ray. Being a former Marine obviously worked in Bryan's favor. He remained un-rattled, even when I told him that he would have to walk Ray three miles every day, keep up Ray's blog, and Skype with some strange Britishers that wanted to keep an eye on him from across the pond. Bryan even agreed to pet Chester everyday and let Ray outside to lick Chester's ears. Overall, a very accommodating young man. 
Bryan has carte blanche to take Ray with him when he walks other dogs (Pooch Pals does dog-walking and dog-training) and to take him on field trips. However, Bryan doesn't know yet that I have a campaign button waiting here for him. I think the extra exposure will be good for the candidate. 

Mmmmm. Is that a roast beef I taste?

Wow, even your shirt tastes good.

I love you man.


  1. Bryan can add to his resume "Body guard to Candidate for Virginia Governorship"!!
    It sounds like they will have a good time while the rest of the campaign staff is off gallivanting the globe during this crucial vote gathering time.
    Nice to hear that Ray has won over Chester and Chester lets Ray into his personal space! Yay Chester.
    Have a good trip.

  2. Ahem, how does your wanting to keep your own eye on your fur-kid and monitoring his interim Campaign Manager for not inviting unsuitable power-crazy bitches* round translate into "Skype with some strange Britishers that wanted to keep an eye on him from across the pond"?

    *dog related joke, no high horse required :0)

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  5. Oh wow - I love that Ray picked him! And I especially love that he is willing to do all those little extras for Ray to make sure his routine stays pretty much the same. :)

  6. Isn't it wonderful to see how dogs just know a good human being when they smell one. This is such a lovely and inspiring story.

    I was given your blog address last fall when our dog, Samson, contracted an illness and went blind. Fortunately, our vet acted fast, put him on steroids for a while, and eye drops forever, and the disease went into remission and Samson's eyesight returned. I put your address aside and just found it again. If I didn't become a follower of yours then, I will sign up now. I don't want to lose track of Ray. And I love it that you named him after Ray Charles.

  7. Karen A. in IllinoisOctober 17, 2013 at 1:43 PM

    Can we please have Ray run for Governor in Illinois too? Even Ray can "see" the problems our state has, better than our current candidates.

  8. I saw Ray's campaign sign as I was driving through the neighborhood this morning. He has my vote! Please keep this blog going.