Thursday, October 31, 2013

Working on Halloween

This Halloween, because of his candidacy, Ray decided not to dress in a silly costume that could be used against him by his opponents, but instead decided to dress as the gubernatorial candidate that he is and take the opportunity to campaign.
While Chester tried to figure out how to rid the porch of a recent vermin infestation, Ray pounded pavement and flopped for votes.

If elected, I promise to let you rub my belly whenever you want.
I'm Ray the Blind Dog, and I support this message.
I look GOOD, don't I?
Chester and the flying vermin.


  1. So I must have missed something. Who or what are "T Mac" and "the Cooch"?

    1. Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli - the two losers running against Ray for Gov of Virginia.

    2. Aw, losers (MfT says aloud with "L" in front of forehead)!

    3. hahahahahahaha. yep. That kind of loser.