Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Interaction

"C'mon Ray, let's go check on the kitties," I said to the blind hound.

We trooped upstairs and entered the cat room slowly. Juno and Harvey were curled up together in one of the cat beds that was conveniently occupying a beam of sunlight. At the sight of the dog, both kittens tensed up looking ready to run. I reached out both hands to pet them and they relaxed, keeping a wary eye on Ray who was nosing along the edge of the bed looking for them.

"It's ok," I told the cats, "He won't hurt you."
See guys, I'm just one of the clowder.
Harvey, who had born the brunt of Ray's chasing activities for the past few days, didn't believe me. He slunk out of the cat bed and into Moonie's old tent which was adjacent to the one he had been sleeping in. I was pleased that he wasn't afraid enough to seek shelter under the bedside table which is where Ray had been found 'treeing' the little guy earlier in the day.
Juno looked at Ray inquisitively. I could tell that she knew she could handle the dog if need be.

Although Ray usually launches himself, all four feet at once, onto our bed, Harvey, Juno and I watched as the dog jumped his front feet up on bed in a spot not occupied by any of the other cat beds, found purchase on the edge of the bed with one uncertain back foot, and awkwardly hauled up his lanky frame to stand on the bed.

I just want to share the sunlight is all.
As I continued to pet an unconcerned Juno and talk soothingly to a slightly concerned Harvey, Ray settled in. Once the dog was comfortable, Juno burst into a symphony of purring, throwing her body this way and that at the sheer ecstasy of being petted within inches of a dangerous giant. I reached a hand into Harvey's tent and he also started to purr. Ray tried to appear nonchalant, but his ears and eyebrows showed intense interest at the other occupants of the room.

Ray shifted his weight. Harvey's purr abruptly stopped and, deciding he didn't want to take any chances, the little cat took off for the safety of the cat tree.

Meanwhile, just like sisters everywhere, Juno was poking her new brother to see if she could get a reaction. And just like brothers everywhere, Ray took the bait and reacted.
I'm sorry, but I'm very uncomfortable with this whole scenario.
I think I'll depart.
I don't know, he seems pretty harmless to me.
Hey Harvey! His behind smells just like yours!
I wonder what he feels like...
OMG, that cat is touching me, isn't she?
Where is she. I'm going to touch her back.

FYI, the cats are at the vet's getting spayed and neutered. If all goes well, Harvey will be back today. Juno will be released sometime tomorrow. Also FYI, Juno is not seven months old as was listed on her rap sheet. She is about four months old, like Harvey. 
I can't believe how quiet it is around here. Two little cats sure can make a lot of noise. We can't wait till they're back.


  1. I love how Juno touched Ray! I bet she's catching on to the fact that he can't see her (or else she thinks he isn't very smart) and will take full advantage of that in the future. Maybe once Harvey comes around he and brother Ray can gang up on Juno and then the real fun will begin! ;)

    1. I think you're right. She sits and watches him while he's searching for her. She knows she's invisible when she's up high so is always heading for the high ground.

  2. Awww, such fun! You're going to love seeing the kitties wrestling with Ray, then curling up with him to nap like ours always did...

  3. I predict Harvey and Ray will become best of friends and Juno and Harvey will be snuggle buddies but....Ray and Juno will enjoy a life of always trying to be the last one to "touch" the other...as in "MOM! he touched me!!"
    I see Hugo and Moonie smiling.

  4. So glad that you have added a couple of kittens to your home! I was laughing as I read previous posts about their interactions with Ray. I see so many similarities with our two cats and the blind trio. I'm never sure if the cats think the blind dogs are stupid or if they know something is different, Regardless, it sure is fun to watch!