Sunday, November 10, 2013

Twice in Two Days

That is how many times Ray has slurped up the half 'n half that was sitting on the kitchen counter for my coffee. He has gotten so stealthy at it, tiptoeing into the kitchen, gently putting his front paws on the counter without his tags jingling, and lapping the cream out of the little porcelain pitcher without making a sound, that I don't even know he's done it until I go to pour myself another cup of joe and the pitcher is licked clean.
I'm on to him though. If I'm paying attention, I can watch him sneak-walk into the kitchen, after I've exited with my mug of cafe au lait, and catch him in the act.
I yell at him to GO. But secretly, I'm proud of my blind ninja hound.


  1. I would be so proud of him too. I love how he waits for you to go and sit down with your cup before he sneaks out. It makes it so clear he knows he's not supposed to do this, but he will because he can. And good for him.

  2. Utterly love it: Black OPs Ray just like his SAS blind bro in Blighty x

  3. Hi Ray! I did vote for you and you looked exceptionally handsome in your tie! I also have a dog bed with alpaca fiber for you....let me know when I can meet your mom and I will bring it by...I am leaving for Anchorage on the 17th and will not be home until the 27th.....

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you for your vote.
      I would love an alpaca bed. Can't wait to tear into it. Jean says you can come by anytime. Just give her a quick call to let her know when. She is looking forward to seeing you!

  4. I think he's using a straw. Check his toy basket to see if he's hidden it there.