Sunday, November 24, 2013



SCENE: Inside, Kitchen and Living Room, Sunday Morning.

LIVING ROOM FURNISHINGS: two upholstered chairs, an upholstered couch flanked by a floor lamp with a built-in glass table, a coffee table, two end tables with table lamps. Various knick-knacks adorn the tables.

Two people are washing pet dishes and rooting through cupboards pulling out pet food cans and bins of kibble. Two kittens are underfoot, mewing and weaving against legs, wanting food. There is idle chatter between the humans as preparations take place.

ENTER STAGE RIGHT: Ray the Blind Dog. The dog heads to the dog door as the kittens freeze in terror then relax as the end of the dog's tail disappears through the door.

Food is dispensed and carried away to the cat feeding station by Human One. Harvey, the smaller of the kittens follows the person up the stairs then returns moments later for more food. Juno, the larger of the two kittens remains behind to be fed by Human Two. The food is whisked away when she displays no interest in it.

ENTER STAGE LEFT: Ray the Blind Dog. The kittens scatter. The dog gently trots from side to side then to the staircase "looking" for the kittens. His tail is gently wagging.

Harvey disappears up the stairs. Juno hides behind an upholstered chair next to the kitchen in good view of the dog's dishes. Human One places a dish of food on the floor for the dog. Ray gives up the chase and settles in to eat watched closely by the little cat.

Ray finishes eating and resumes his search for Juno. He discovers her hiding place and stands next to the chair with ears deployed in Dumbo mode. Juno ducks back and waits; the dog circles around through the kitchen, the living room, the hall, and back to the spot next to the chair. Each time he circles the cat pokes her head out waiting for him to return. The scenario repeats over and over until Human One sits on the couch and pulls the dog onto her lap. Human Two plops onto a second upholstered chair and sits drinking a cup of tea. The scene is serene.

As the dog relaxes, Harvey returns and settles down on the back of the couch. Juno climbs the back of the couch next to him looking around alertly. All is quiet.

Juno leaps for the top of the glass-tabled floor lamp. She hits the shade squarely and rides the lamp as it crashes to the floor.

Human Two: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Human One: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

The cats scatter. Ray the Blind Dog looks alert but does not leave Human One's lap.



  1. Gee let me guess what human was ha ha ing.

  2. NEVER a dull moment with pets, thank goodness!

  3. Sounds perfectly normal to us! Hope the lamp still works hehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory