Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hmmmm, now why do I know that smell?

Ray has been spending a lot of time in daycare lately because I've been spending a lot of time in work. He doesn't like it as much as he used to. I think it's because he's discovered that the dog park, Murphy (, and hanging out at home can be more fun. I'm glad that he likes being home, but now I feel bad dropping him at daycare in the morning. Especially because it's obvious that Ray is not so much of a morning person.
However, today I didn't feel so bad about dropping him off because I knew that Murphy was going to be there.
So when I picked Ray up this afternoon, I asked Kristen, "Was Murphy here? Did Ray have fun with her?" Kristen replied, "It was the weirdest thing, when Murphy got here, we brought Ray up to her and he just turned away. We put them nose to nose and he acted like he didn't even know her. Then about an hour later, Ray "discovered" that she was there and got all excited. They played a lot."
I thought of first time that I saw the lunch lady at work (she works one of the cash registers in the cafeteria) shopping at the local grocery store. She said hello to me and I said hello back but my mind was racing. I knew that I knew her but I just couldn't place her because she wasn't in the right setting. I thought maybe it was like that for Ray. Maybe it took him an hour to place Murphy. He was thinking the whole time "I know that smell. I know that smell. But where do I know it from." And then it hit him. And it was MURPHY! Oh my God! What are you doing here!
I'm hoping that Ray will start looking forward to daycare again when he realizes that Murphy is going to be there everyday.

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