Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, Why Do I Even Bother

Today I washed the kitchen floor. Ray wasn't in and out so it was staying pretty clean and I was happy.
About 4 o'clock this afternoon, Ray's alarm went off and he started whining and pacing. We'd already been for a walk at 2:30 so I thought maybe he'd give me a little slack but no such luck. I looked out my office/studio window to see if our neighbor, Rachel, was home from work and we could go get Murphy for a run around the backyard. It looked like her car was there so I said, "Hey Ray, let's go see if Murphy is home." I didn't think he would know what I was talking about, but as usual, Ray surprised me. He jumped his front feet up on my sewing machine (where I was sitting) and "looked" out the window, his tail wagging wildly and his ears deployed in dumbo mode. "She's not out there, Ray. We have to go see if she's home." Ray dashed to the door, ready. I slid his collar over his ears and we headed out the door. Ray immediately turned up the street and did his best impression of a husky, dragging me to Murphy's house.
Murphy was more than ready to come play. Both of them tore madly around the backyard playing catch-me-if-you-can. After about 5 or 10 minutes of this, Ray wanted in. It was HOT and he was panting so I figured he needed a drink. I let him into the kitchen and watched as he wandered over to his water dish. I turned to see if Murphy also wanted a drink and when I turned back to look in the kitchen at Ray, there were wet, muddy pools of footprints EVERYWHERE. Ray had obviously stepped into, or tripped over, his dish and the rest was history. I sighed.


  1. Uhg, I feel your pain; Jack has a new habit - when he comes in hot from outside, he drinks his fill, then uses his front paws to madly splash the rest of the water all over himself and the floor (imagine a dog digging like crazy - but in water) :(

  2. Oh no. I've seen dogs do that at the dog park. It's really funny when it's there but I always ask their owners "Do they do that at home?" (Kind of like when people ask me about Ray's yelling "Does he do that at home?"). Most of the time they answer in the negative. But not always.
    Makes a mud room seem like a little slice of heaven, doesn't it?