Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Don't Bring Me Flowers

A lot of the time, when I've been out and about and have returned home, Ray will show that he is excited to see me by greeting me a the door with a rawhide in his mouth. He wants to play keepaway. I'm never sure if that's just his way to show me that he is happy or if it's his way to show me that I'm missing all the fun when I leave. If I stayed home I would get to play games. A kind of reminder, "See, if you were here, we could do this ALL the time."
Yesterday, when I returned home after meeting my BFF for a spot of impromptu shopping, Ray ran outside all excited and came to the back door with this in his mouth. It's a rawhide bone AND a rhododendron branch. I'm not sure if he thought he was bringing me flowers but I appreciated the thought, so I chased him around the yard for awhile. When a dog is right, he's right. I was missing out on some fun.

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