Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sasha and Ray (revisited)

Today when we went walking, Ray pulled me across the street to Sasha's house (see Sasha at Normally, Ray will just walk on by. But every once-in-awhile, Ray wants to go see Sasha.
Todd tells me that when Sasha sees a dog walk by her house, she wrrroooo wroooos. But when Sasha sees Ray walking by, she goes crazy. She wrrroooo wroooos and then she goes to get Todd and wrrroooo wrooos at him and runs back to the door until Todd gets up to see what's going on.
By now Todd knows what's going on. Ray is going on. So Todd gets Sasha's leash and comes out to walk with us. Usually he's in the middle of some household renovation, but Todd is a good dog dad so he drops everything and brings Sasha out to walk out with her blind boyfriend. It's a beautiful relationship.

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