Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today I took Ray to the vet. Nothing major, as far as I know. Just a weird bump on his snout where I figured he got scratched or bit or something.
Anyway, we were waiting in the little room when the vet walked in. She's a rover that works at veterinary clinics in the area when they need substitutes, as in this case, when a vet is out on maternity leave. She glanced at Ray and got a puzzled look on her face. She looked at the file in her hand and said "I've seen this dog before, right?" I thought about it briefly and responded, "No, I don't think so." "Ray Ray," she said, "He's blind, right? You rescued him. Where did you get him?" I know that people call him Ray Ray but I've never called him that and I know it's not in his file that way but I said "Yeah, his name is Ray and he's blind. I got him from a rescue in South Carolina." "You mean that the rescue brought him up here from South Carolina," she said with certainty in her voice and then she named a local rescue. "No," I replied, "I was on vacation with my mom and sisters and got him while I was down there."
"That is so weird," she said staring at Ray with an incredulous smile on her face. "I've seen a blind dog that looks exactly like this. His name is Ray Ray, which is not unusual for a blind dog." (That is too true. I think there's a law that all blind dogs have to be named Ray or Stevie.) "Was it a Redtick Coonhound?" I asked. "Yes," she replied, "He looked exactly like this and was rescued from (and she named the local rescue again).
I have a burning desire to get the two, blind, Redtick Rays together for a photo op.

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