Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ray and the Dumpster of Doom

Ray decided to go minimalist with his Halloween costume this year. With his wonderful physique and his terrific yell, he figured he'd be a natural as Stanley Kowalski (click on the name to see the startling resemblance). So here is Ray posing with this year's decorations (and with Gregg). Who knew that a dumpster and a derelict refrigerator would be just the thing for Halloween?


  1. how did you get that on your drive? You guys really take halloween seriously don't you :-O

    1. That was during the large-undisclosed-amount-of-money dog-door project. The contractor doing the renovation delivered it to our house the day before they started the remodel. I saw it and thought "Oh my GOD. Couldn't they have given us something a bit nicer?"
      Turns out, that dumpster, along with the old green refrigerator, was the PERFECT Halloween decoration. I wish I could have one every year. People in my neighborhood still talk about it.
      (And yes, we do take halloween seriously- it's our favorite holiday.)

  2. STELLA!
    ~Melinda from Texas