Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mi Amor

Ray's usual type is long-haired blonds (he loves golden retrievers). Or fast girls, like Murphy and Halle. But the girl-next-door to mom and dad in S.C. is quite a bit different than Ray's usual type. She's a bit more exotic. Large and dark with a big chest and big bottom and a husky, smokey voice as if she'd spent way too many nights in all the wrong places. Ray was entranced.
The big girl next door, though, was having none of him. She's been bred to protect the home and the first day that Ray got too close to the fence separating the yards, she went off - big booming barks, snarling, baring teeth. Ray responded with a sweet, sweet serenade. The big girl looked momentarily mystified then resumed the barking and growling. I pulled Ray away from the fence.
Every day we were there the scenario repeated itself. Ray approached the fence, the exotic girl with the big chest repulsed his advances. Ray sang her a sweet song. She responded with growls and snarls.
By the fourth day I noticed that the booming barks, growls, and snarls were accompanied by intermittent wags of her stump of a tail. Ray was making progress with the girl-next-door.
On the day that we left, I packed the car. Ray could tell that we were getting ready to leave. Every time I left the house to put something in the car, he tried to tunnel through the door. Finally, I snapped his (new) leash on his collar and led him outside. He dragged me to the fence to say goodbye to his chesty girl but she wouldn't approach. Ray sadly turned away and dejectedly walked to the car. He jumped in, curled himself into a little ball, heaved a deep sigh and we departed.

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  1. Ray was saying "I like the way you talk".
    ~Melinda from Texas