Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ray Practices his Sneak Walk

It was early. I was at mom's putting on a pot of coffee before taking Ray for a quick spin around the block. Mom was still in bed and Ray was in the living room rummaging through his toy basket. I put the coffee in the filter, then filled the reservoir with water when all of a sudden I noticed that it was really quiet.
I entered the living room from the kitchen and looked around. No Ray. I walked down the hall to the bedrooms. Mom's door was closed. I looked in the room that is used as an office, then in the guest room. No Ray. I checked the bathroom and made the loop back to the kitchen. No Ray. I called, softly "Ray, Ray" and headed back through the living room, down the hall to the bedrooms, and back to the kitchen. All the doors were open except Mom's. No Ray.
I was standing in the kitchen scratching my head when I heard a scream. I raced down the hallway and opened Mom's door. Ray was at the head of her bed trying to lick her face and crawl into bed with her at the same time. Mom was laughing, trying to fend him off, and telling him what a sweet boy he was. Ray was delighted.
I grabbed his collar and dragged him away. Ray strained to get back to Mom's bed. I persisted and led him out of the room, totally mystified as to how he managed to sneak into Mom's room while she was sleeping, close the door behind him, and know exactly where to go to find her. He sure is clever.


  1. Isn't that fascinating? So glad Ray's back online - we missed him!!

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Ray is PRETENDING to be blind!!! (And it's quite possible that he also has a pair of opposable thumbs...)