Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What does it say about me when the only Christmas shopping I have finished is for my dog?


  1. It says you know how to prioritize. You get the important things done first. Or that you know your dog better than anyone else and you know exactly what he wants/needs and you get it done. (at least you dont have to worry about him watching you wrap his presents). (you didnt forget to get little Murphy something did you?, just asking)

  2. Murphy and Ray share all of his toys. Whether he wants to or not...
    Last year Ray 'watched' me wrap all of his presents. He knew exactly which ones were his. Check out the blog
    which I wrote last Christmastime. It really is uncanny how he knows.

  3. I was thinking the same things as Anne. We don't wrap Roxy's gifts we put them in her stocking. I am afraid if she knew presents were wrapped she would open all of ours too! Merry Christmas!!!