Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In This Corner...

Yesterday, when I brought the dogs home from daycare, I realized something. The Christmas tree was taking up valuable wrestling real estate in the front hall. Last year we located it there so that we didn't have to move any furniture that would entail Ray learning a new layout. But last year there was no Murphy.
This year, there's a Murphy. And every time she comes over, the WWF comes with her. So yesterday, in order to keep the ornaments safe from body slams and Ray's signature crab claw move, I shifted the action to our tiny little living room. I pushed the coffee table from the center of the room to along the sliding glass door then brought Ray in and showed him where it was. The available space still wasn't as big as the front hall but it had the advantage of upholstered furniture around the edges so when Ray gets thrown out of the ring, he'll hit something soft. It works pretty well. The table is easy to slide across the slippery rug so I think this will be a good alternative for the Christmas season. I hope the dogs think so too.

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