Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hmmmmm, what have we here?

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Lately, with it being off-the-charts-hot around here, Ray hasn't been doing anything but sleep in the front hall. At least that's what I thought until I got this in the mail. Now I'm thinking maybe Ray has been doing some online shopping when I'm not around. When we start receiving packages with bones in them, my suspicions will be confirmed.


  1. Hey Ray - what did ya buy?! I see you got a discount of over $30 so it musta been something big! Did the cats help? I always wonder what my pack would do if left alone and uncrated (besides eat from the litterbox). I think I now know. They shall remain crated...

  2. More proof of Ray's superpowers?

    Tina & Liam

  3. You should send back a check "signed" with one of Ray's paw prints for the subscription.

  4. "Cooks ILLUSTRATED"??? Illustrated? Hmm? Aren't illustrations also known as PICTURES, that one looks at, with ones eyes??? Interesting that they should send this to Ray THEBLINDDOG. Way. Too. Funny!!