Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What he doesn't know won't hurt him

Ray was stretched out on the couch next to me. I reached over and scratched him behind the ears.
"Ray you are the best dog I've ever had," I said to him.
Gregg looked over at me with a little smile.
"Now there's a ringing endorsement," he said.
I put my finger to my lips giving him the international signal for 'shhh.'
"Don't tell him," I said, just mouthing the words so that Ray wouldn't hear.
We both know that Ray is our first dog, but I don't think that Ray knows.


  1. First, 15th or 100th...all he knows is that he is here now and he is loved. To pets it doesnt matter what number they are, just that they are #1 right now. They live in the present. Ray was just loving the kind sounding words, the scratchies and the peace of a happy family.