Saturday, July 28, 2012

Size Matters

We were getting ready for a walk around the block so I went to get Maddy to take her with us. After the walk, I brought her back to the house and turned her loose with Ray. As usual, Ray tried to tempt her with a toy but Maddie would have none of it.
"Do you want to help me with Moonie?" Gregg asked me.
I was agreeable, so followed by the two dogs, we trooped upstairs to give Moonie her fluids. Gregg hooked her up to the needle while I helped by (closing my eyes and) holding her. Both the dogs were at the door with their heads stuck through the crack; Ray above and Maddie below.
Ray got bored and went to lay on his travel bed that I had randomly left in the hallway. Maddie stayed at the door. Gregg finished up and left. I stayed behind to brush Moonie and talk soothingly to her. Maddie, feeling left out, squeeeeezed herself through the crack in the door, and wagging all over, jumped up on the bed to join the cats and me.

Moonie, who had her back to the dog, obliviously stayed put. Hugo glared at the interloper and hissed, but didn't move. Maddie ignored the cats and made herself at home. All of a sudden, Moonie became aware of the dog. She gave Maddie a startled "where the hell did you come from" look, hesitated for a moment, then jumped down off of the bed and disappeared under it. Knowing he's about the same size as Maddie (if not bigger) Hugo continued to give the dog an "I dare you" glare. 
I ran for the camera. 

(Maddie) doo di doo doo, doo di doo 

(Maddie) hmmmm, nice

(Maddie) zzzzzzzzzzz