Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Lure of Fame

"C'mon Ray." I said to the sleeping dog.
It was noon-thirty. Ray was asleep on his travel bed in the upstairs hallway (ever since I threw it out of my studio - where it has been residing since our last trip - Ray has been using it as a day-bed. He still sleeps on the futon at night but during the day, he likes to lounge on the travel bed). We had an appointment at 1:00 with a photographer at the doggy daycare. They were holding a 'phodography' contest (photos taken by a professional) and I wanted to get Ray into it this year. The contest had run the previous year, but Ray had just had his portrait painted and I thought, maybe, just maybe, a professionally-taken photo was a bit redundant. Last year the categories were Funniest, Best Overall, Judges Pick, and Cutest. This year they were adding Best Friends, Mighty Dogs, Puppies, and People's Choice.  I thought Ray had potential in the People's Choice category if I could get him to look suitably pathetic so that he could get the pity vote. The competition last year was INTENSE.
"Come on, Ray," I said again to my sleeping dog.
Ray didn't move.
"Ray, come." I commanded.
No response.
I checked to make sure he was still breathing. (I do this routinely throughout the day. Ray has GOT to be the most relaxed dog in the world. It's really hard to tell if he's still alive and breathing or if he has expired in place).  He was (still breathing, that is. Not expired in place.)
"Come on, Ray. Let's go." I urged again. The clock was ticking. We needed to hit the road.
Ray raised his head and looked at me with a big, giant WHY on his face.
"C'mon, Ray we have to go get your photo taken."
Ray was unmoved. He put his head back down on the bed and gave a deep contented sigh. Usually the word Go is enough to eject him from his bed but he was comfy and saw no reason to move.
"Ray, don't you want to be famous?" I asked my comfy dog.
At the word famous, Ray stood up and headed to the stairs. Apparently, his international fame was still fresh in his mind. He knew fame meant bellyrubs galore. And free cookies. Ray was ready for more.
We headed out to the photo shoot.


  1. We can totally relate to Ray's lack of enthusiasm for getting up! I have the same thing with Hiker and you're not the only one who checks for breathing on a regular basis. Especially now with the enucleation, it's hard to tell if she is awake or not. Hiker likes to lay upstairs under the dresser and ignore me. After repeatedly calling her, I finally go up and she's laying there wagging her tail, no doubt thinking, took you long enough to get up here. Sigh.

    1. I don't know if you've ever looked at the Rolling Dog Ranch videos on youtube but your story reminded me of this one of Blind Callie.

    2. That is hilarious!