Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yep. Forty thousand. 
That's how many hits Ray's blog has generated in the past 3.3 years.
I did the math and figured out that Ray has 32.9 diehard fans. So to Ray's 32.9 dedicated followers, this blog is for you.
Thank you.
Thank you for taking an interest in the doings of a blind hound, his two cats, his two humans, and his friends. We are humbled by your loyalty.
So for Ray's 32.9 people, here is a random selection of old and new photos of Ray, his cats, his humans, and his friends.
Hmmmm, tastes like chicken
Hey! Get off my butt!
Nope, I don't see it under here either.

Me and my best girl, Halle
I hate bees
Hiking. It's what we do.
I've heard that it's good luck to kiss a cat. 
The squirrels will never know it's me in this disguise
Bag o bones
It's my me of sunshine.
(Ha! Get it? RAY of sunshine! snort)
I'm taking back the couch. It's MINE. 
I like a burrito after a bath
I'm taking back the kitchen door. It's MINE.
Here, I'll hold down the fabric. You cut it.
I'm taking back the windowsill. It's MINE.


  1. Hehehe - love the "me of sunshine"! Great photos - thank YOU for sharing your stories and pictures with us!! :)

  2. The Burrito... :) Love Ray AND his entire family - thanks for entertaining us!

  3. Reply to all. Thank YOU for enjoying and commenting. The comments are what keep me going. Otherwise it's all just howling into the darkness (kinda like Ray at night).

  4. While I adore Ray, I'm a Jean fan, as well. Your voice is unique, smart and charming and I would miss you terribly if you ever stopped blogging. Not to mention the wool knowlege that you so graciously share with me. Thank you, Jean. Hugs to Ray <3

  5. So, who is the 0.9? (heeheehee)
    Ray just begs to be 'followed', especially because his mom (Jean) has such a way with words for her beloved blind hound. I love and appreciate how attentive you are to what is going on in his and his kitties' lives. Thank you Jean for sharing your lovely furry family with all 32.9 of us.

  6. can't really add anything to the above comments, apart from if Ray was on fb he would probably have had loads more fans, but I kind of like the fact we are an exclusive club ;-)
    And its all the more special to me as I have actually met Ray and his pack in person !

  7. I agree with everything said above. I am so happy to have found your blog. Your and Gregg's way with your animals is wonderful and your words make it so personal to each and everyone of us who follow. ("me of sunshine" hahahahahahahahaha)

    1. Tanks. Ray deserves every wonderful fan that he has. All 33.9 (now) of them.

  8. Yea! I'm part of the official pack now. However, I'm kind of dreading getting to May, 2013. I'm so enjoying the ride, but know that there will be more.