Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pocket Watch?

It was a cold, dreary, mizzly day. I'd left Ray curled up on the couch watching Wuthering Heights while I worked in the garage with power tools making his cousin, Hannah, a Christmas present. I had no idea what time it was but I knew the time for Ray's afternoon walk (3:00) must be approaching.
There was a knock at the garage door; the one that goes into the laundry room. I opened the door to the dog. His head was down around his knees in typical Ray mode.
"What's up buddy?" I asked my dog. "Is it time for your walk?"
I walked into the kitchen to check the clock on the stove. It was 2:59.


  1. Wowie! Talk about a creature of habit! Isn't it funny how they just "know" when it's time?

  2. See, just more proof that blind dogs are the best!! Way to go Ray!

    Uh...you did take him for a walk, right?

    1. Well, yeah, I did. But he had to wait about 20 minutes while I finished up what I was doing. I don't want him to think he runs my life. (even though he does)

  3. Pocket watch?? Dont you mean Watch dog?? heeheehee

  4. If you find Ray's watch let me know. Been looking for Roxy's.
    Dinner better be at 5pm sharp or else :/

  5. Wuthering Heights = cold, dreary, mizzly film.