Monday, November 19, 2012

Something in Common

You can tell that Ray and Moonie are related.

They both like to sleep in the sun.

They both like cat food.

They both like to sit with their mom in the morning.

And they both DETEST vegetables.

Um, no thank you
No. Really.
A single pea left in Moonie's dish. 


  1. Lol - love that the pea was left. Very smart critters!

    Btw - I am in love with Ray's hound ears! :)

    1. They are his nicest feature (along with his eyebrows). Soooo soft.

  2. Geez, now you got me thinking about my cats and dogs. Oscar the cat likes dog food, the dogs like cat food and they all like sleeping in the sunshine! Critters are so much alike. Does Ray eat any vegetables? My pack are obsessed with raw carrots. Breeze tried raw spinach, wasn't sure about it so she had another leaf, didn't like it.

    1. Ray will not eat ANY vegetables or fruit. I've tried all the ones that people say their dogs love. Usually, if offered, he will curl his lips back so that they don't touch the offensive thing, gingerly take the vegetal matter in his teeth, walk with it into the hallway, and spit it out. However, now he makes an exception with lettuce; won't even touch the disgusting leaf.