Sunday, November 25, 2012


"Where are the vultures?" asked my lovely husband in a strong German accent as he opened the refrigerator door.
"The vultures?" I responded quizzically and then asked "Why the German accent?"
"Casablanca," said Gregg cryptically, "This place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere."
He set a plate of leftover turkey on the counter, and as if by magic, Hugo materialized at his feet. A minute later the creaky old woman arrived, yowling. Ray who was sleeping on his favorite pillow on his favorite couch, lifted his head, sniffed the air, put his front feet on the floor, stretched, then ambled our way. 
As Ray arrived, Hugo retreated, but only to the foot of the stairs. As the turkey was added to the container with the leftover stuffing and then topped with gravy, he returned to pace nervously at the kitchen door not wanting to miss out on his share of what was to come. 
Gregg put our lunch in the microwave, shredded some of the leftover bird put it in the cat dishes and dropped some in the dog bowl.
While our lunch heated in the microwave, the vultures enjoyed a snack. 


  1. I'm still chuckling! We have a similar thing at our house, usually with the roasted squash. You just gotta share!

  2. Gotta look at the bright side - sharing with so many helps keep the weight gain during the holidays to a minimum...

  3. That is the down side to cooking/baking for my dog - she thinks every time I am in the kitchen I MUST be preparing something for her! :)

    Amazing how the vultures materialize when the delicious aroma of good food wafts through the air! ;)

  4. Makes me think of Snoopy on his dog house doing his vulture impression.