Friday, September 6, 2013

Dog Swim Recap

My favorite holiday used to be Halloween. Now it is Labor Day. Just because of the doggy swim.
Having a yell
Ray realized as soon as we walked up the pool drive that it was dog-swim day and his day to shine. He started yelling the minute we got there and didn't stop until it was all over.

Although it took a little time for him to make up his mind to get into the pool, Ray went in SEVEN times. Seven times without anyone pushing him, pulling him, or otherwise interfering with him. He had an absolute ball. Renegade that he is, Ray even went in after the whistle had blown and everyone was out of the pool. I had just slipped on my sandals and was toweling off when I accidentally dropped Ray's leash. The next thing I knew, it was dog overboard and Ray was headed to the deep end. I hastily de-shoed, went in after him, and led him back to the side.

Swimmin' like a fish

As usual Maddie, our across the street neighbor, was there swimming like a fish. Ray's new next door neighbors Archie and Dory were there too. So were his friends Bert and Ernie.
Surprisingly, Archie, the bowling-ball shaped Pug, is a better swimmer than his slightly more svelte sister, Dory. Both stuck to the more manageable depths of the baby pool. Ernie came to give Ray a quick kiss before going off to swim. Elder statesman, Bert, showed a bit more restraint, striding around the pool perimeter watching the action like an overzealous lifeguard.
Having another yell
Also present with her dog, Piper, was the woman who had jogged by us and yelled out "I love your dog." I still am a bit hazy about how we know her but I'm sure we'll see her around the 'hood again.
Over the course of the year Gregg has a countdown going on his head. Out of the blue he will say, "Only (so many weeks) until the pool opens." I know that Ray has a similar countdown going on in his head; it started the day the dog swim ended.
Overheard at the pool (spoken by Chester's human sister): "I have a cat named Chester. Ray lives next door to me."
Overheard while walking aorund the block: "Look Dad, it's the dog from the pooooool!" (The last word was howled.)

Maddie and her human, Sandra

*All photos provided courtesy of Maddie's other human, Dick.


  1. Aaahh thanks for the description and we won't mention the lack of video....!

  2. Ray really does look like he had lots of fun! I'm glad no one gets upset over him "having a yell" - it's nice to know others appreciate the beauty of a hound's voice! :)

  3. Aww, sooooo fun! I miss having a pool for the dogs :( They loved it so much!

  4. 9/22 Getting a little worried...Hoping all is ok at Rays house & with he and all his people.